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New Cabins

By John "Chip" Woodbury, Apple Hill Board of Trustees For the last four years, we have been working hard to improve or rebuild many of our cabins around the Apple Hill campus. We have upgraded many of the student camper cabins, and felt it was time to upgrade at least some of our faculty cabins, which in some cases weren’t very pleasant to stay in anymore. The four new cabins that are currently being built for this upcoming season will be used to house faculty while they are teaching during the summer sessions at Apple Hill. The new cabins will be the same size, and located on the same sites, as the old cabins, located along the edge of the field that is used for summer concert parking. These cabins will be all new construction, and will include some insulation, which will make them even a little nicer on cool summer nights. The Construction Trades students at the Cheshire Career Center are completely building the cabins in their shop. Their teacher, Mr. Randy Burns, is providing the leadership and instruction for the project as the cabins are being built. Apple Hill is providing all of the materials and Buildings & Grounds Manager Richard Anderson is designing the cabins. Richard is very much involved in the project with ordering materials, project design, and preparing for the delivery of the cabins to their sites at Apple Hill. Once the cabins are completed at the school, we will arrange for them to be delivered and set on their new piers at Apple Hill. The students are helping us complete some badly needed facility upgrades that would be very hard for our own maintenance department to complete over this time period. Over the past several years, the construction students at the Cheshire Career Center have been involved in building and selling full-size modular homes as part of their hands-on training. They had just completed their last house at the beginning of this year and were looking for a slightly smaller project to carry them through the rest of this year. Having taught the program for 32 years, I had an idea that the cabin project would fit well into their training program, and would be a fun, rewarding project for the students. They are gaining firsthand experience and training on real projects that will have a long lasting value to their community and the Apple Hill campus. The construction of the cabins will enhance their education, and provide teaching and learning opportunities for the program. I want to thank the administration and staff at the Cheshire Career Center, especially Mr. Randy Burns and his Construction Trades students, for taking on this project for Apple Hill. I would also like to thank Richard Anderson for his part in making this project happen. Another very big thank you goes out to all of the many supporters of Apple Hill Center who have given generously over these many years, so that projects like these are able to happen.

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  • Bill Wise

    Reading about these new cabins, reminds me of the wonderful experience of having
    one all to myself last summer. I’m working hard on my violinistic skills and looking forward to returning to Apple Hill, perhaps next year. Hope someone gets
    to enjoy one of those new cabins in my absence.


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