Fall for Apple Hill


Dear Friend,

When you give an annual gift to Apple Hill, you are doing more than just writing a check.

You are bringing a smile to every Summer Chamber Music Workshop participant.

Apple Hill gives me “Erholung,” a wonderful German word which does not really have an English translation. It means relaxation, but also rejuvenation, and perhaps even an individual spiritual awakening. It is about recovery and new energy.

—Summer Chamber Music Workshop participant

You are opening up a whole new world of chamber music through the Summer Concert Series and year-round concerts.

I have to admit, I hadn’t really been a fan of chamber music. But after this concert, being so close to the musicians, seeing the energy and joy on their faces, I think I’m hooked.

—First time attendee of the Summer Concert Series

You bring surprises to seasoned chamber music lovers.

After the June 21 concert, I went home to see if I had any Martinu recordings and I didn’t! The concert inspired me to get to know his music better.

—Regular Summer Concert Series attendee

You bring understanding and connection to those experiencing conflict in their home communities due to cultural or religious differences through our Playing for Peace program.

Apple Hill is a magical ten days of wonderfully holistic music-making with friends from around the world from all sorts of backgrounds. If everyone on the planet could come to a session of Apple Hill, the world would be a far greater place.

—Scholarship recipient

And, yes, you help us pay salaries, keep the lights on, and upgrade a building or two.

We need those lights for our late nights.

—Leonard Matczynski, Director

I’d like to ask you to please consider a gift this year so that Apple Hill can continue to give concert-goers and Summer Chamber Music Workshop participants “Erholung.”



Leonard Matczynski, Director

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