Victor Jara was a mid-20th century Chilean director, poet, singer-songwriter, and activist. He was a mentor and inspiration to Celso Garrido-Lecca, whose String Quartet No. 2 is being performed by the Apple Hill String Quartet this winter. When Pinochet seized power in 1973, Jara was arrested, tortured, and shot. His voice lives on in Lecca’s quartet, which was dedicated to Jara, and in many recordings of his performances. Here’s one.

Learn more about Lecca and Jara here, and click here to learn where and when you can hear Apple Hill perform Lecca’s String Quartet No. 2.


old moose

Donate today to support the new moose and other behind-the-scenes stuff that is critical to making Apple Hill so meaningful to us all! Please consider making a gift today, and “kiss the moose” with your contribution! What is it about the magic of the moose that compels everyone to kiss it at the end of each […]

Apple Hill String Quartet in Concert Barn

Apple Hill’s Tuesday Summer Concert Series runs from June 19–August 21. The Series features the Apple Hill String Quartet and Summer Chamber Music Workshop guest faculty artists. Each Tuesday night concert is preceded by a buffet dinner and listenUP, a pre-concert lecture series by Director Leonard Matczynski. Learn more.

Kinan and AHSQ in Jordan Feb 2018

The Apple Hill String Quartet and Director Leonard Matczynski just completed a Playing for Peace trip to the Middle East with stops in Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Israel. They gave concerts, masterclasses, workshops, and performed outreach concerts. Read Lenny’s travelogue to learn more.

Guest Faculty

Each Summer Chamber Music Workshop gives participants of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to study and perform chamber music under the guidance of Director Lenny Matczynski, the Apple Hill String Quartet, and renowned guest faculty in an intentionally supportive environment. Over the course of each ten-day session, students receive personalized coaching, perform in […]

Apple Hill was featured in a recent article by Tony Paradiso in the Keene Sentinel. Apple Hill embodies every element of what makes this region unique: Community engagement and involvement, worldwide inclusion and recruitment of the younger generation, locally sourced food, natural beauty and culture. As such, it offers a roadmap for the whole region […]

Ten Tuesday concerts, ten participant concerts, countless hours of rehearsing and practicing–here are some photos to remember Summer 2017 at Apple Hill. Photos courtesy of Lenny Matczynski, Laura Sciavolino, Betty Hauck, Airin Efferin, Louise Dubin, Aurora San Vicente, Emily Taubl, Darya Barna, Evan Johanson, Louisa Stonehill, Cenovia Cummins, Elise Kuder, Rupert Thompson, and Amelia Perron. […]

Movses Teaching

Introducing the Sostenuto Society sostenuto: adjective, a musical term meaning to be played in a sustained or prolonged manner Want to help Apple Hill in a unique way? Join the Sostenuto Society and become a monthly donor. Monthly donations are quick and effortless and even a small amount adds up: $5 per month=$60 per year […]


Apple Hill has released its newest CD! Take a trip with the Apple Hill String Quartet through time and around the world. Start in the 1600s with exquisite and finely crafted music by English composer Henry Purcell. Next, immerse yourself in the culture of Turkey and hear exciting music by Ahmed Saygun, a composer who […]

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