Fall Appeal

Dear Friend of Apple Hill,

Simply put, Apple Hill is greater than the sum of its parts, much like a quartet is more than two violins, a viola and cello. A quartet is one of the foundational ensembles in the genre of chamber music – a collection of instruments that enables an intimate musical conversation, conveys thoughts and emotions, and inspires the listener. Apple Hill’s music-making, soccer, contra dancing, porch hangs, dinner pots, interesting facts, brownie-baking, and moose-kissing inspires a diverse community of people to work together and support each other. And who doesn’t need that right now?

In the summer of 2020, the Apple Hill community persevered. Thanks to the generosity, creativity, and commitment of all of us, Apple Hill had the resources to transform many of the most meaningful and important traditions online, so we could safely enjoy them together. We had unprecedented access to the magic of the music and the beauty of the grounds. In fact, more than 20,000 of us watched the Tuesday night concerts, performed for one another on Saturdays, and engaged in discussions about music and its relationship to all aspects of our lives.

Much like each member of a quartet must continue practicing, listening, and supporting one another, Apple Hill needs all of us in order to continue thriving in this new normal.

To that end, I hope you will join me in making a gift today to sustain Apple Hill into 2021 – it’s 50th year – and beyond. While the public health, social, and political future remains uncertain, we are lucky to have an invaluable group of friends, music, and memories to bolster our spirits and strengthen our resolve until we can once again drive up Apple Hill Road to make music, play soccer, and share stories in the gazebo. We can only do this with everyone’s help.

Whether you’re a participant, an alumnus, a faculty member, an audience member, or volunteer, your support and involvement will make a difference. To give today, please visit applehill.org/give.

Thank you for considering a gift to support our beloved Apple Hill community during these challenging times. We all know that we are stronger and better together, and Apple Hill is where we come together.

I look forward to seeing you virtually at a concert this fall.

With deepest gratitude and best wishes,

Molly McCarthy

Board Member, alumna 2002 – 2008