Covid Protocols

Covid Protocols for Summer Chamber Music Workshop 2022

At Apple Hill, the health and safety of our entire community has always been our first priority, and we are dedicated to preventing the spread of covid-19 at our Summer Chamber Music Workshop. The following policies will be followed by all students, faculty, and staff. We understand that covid protocols, along with local, state, and national guidelines, and medical best practices, are ever-changing. We will update our policies as necessary at any point.


-All students, faculty, and staff must be fully vaccinated two weeks before arriving on campus, including any pertinent boosters.


-All students, faculty, and staff will get a PCR test at a clinic within 72 hours (3 days) of arriving on campus. Anyone testing positive will not be allowed on campus.

-Additional testing will be required upon arrival.


-All students, faculty, and staff will mask on campus while inside. Exceptions made for in one’s own cabin or during meals. The masking requirement will drop 3 days into the session, provided there are no positive covid cases or symptoms that emerge during that time.

Social distancing

-In the 10 days prior to arriving at Apple Hill, students, faculty, and staff are expected to minimize their risk of covid exposure: wear masks in public spaces and avoid large gatherings and indoor restaurants.

-During the session, all activities will be on-campus. Apple Hill students, faculty, and staff will minimize off-campus trips to strictly necessary errands, and will wear masks at all times in public buildings.

-There will be no guests on campus during the sessions.

In case of a covid case on campus

-Anyone showing any potential covid symptoms will be tested and isolated immediately.

-Anyone testing positive will remain isolated on campus until they can return to their home, or to a safe location where care and continued monitoring can be provided.

-Anyone in close contact (ie cabin mates) will be isolated, tested, and monitored for symptoms.

-Masking will resume for everyone.