Covid Protocols

Apple Hill Covid Protocols – Summer 2024

Apple Hill remains an intergenerational community with various levels of vulnerability to the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, we need your help taking the following precautions to prioritize everyone’s health and safety (policies are subject to change at any point).

Strongly Recommend/Most Important

Protect yourself and others. Testing positive for Covid is not only a potential health risk for you and others in the Apple Hill community; it also means missing a portion of your Apple Hill session! Minimizing potential Covid exposures prior to your session (particularly during travel) will help reduce your risk of illness and ensure a successful summer at Apple Hill. We strongly urge you to take all possible precautions in the 10 days before arriving for your session, including:

  • Up-to-date vaccinations, including current boosters
  • Please mask indoors, on airplanes, and any public transit (this has the highest risk of exposure)
  • Avoid large gatherings and crowded indoor spaces
  • Avoid contact with anyone who is ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms


  • A Covid test is no longer required prior to or upon arrival at Apple Hill. However, tests will be available for anyone feeling symptomatic during session.
  • If you’re feeling symptomatic before arrival, please contact Amelia ( or 603-847-3371) immediately.
  • If you test positive, either before or during your session:
    • Isolate according to CDC guidelines: You will need to isolate until both are true for at least 24 hours: Your symptoms are getting better overall, AND you have not had a fever (and are not using fever-reducing medication).
    • After your isolation period, you may resume participation in activities, but you must be masked at all times for 5 days.
If you are a close contact to someone who tests positive:
  • Mask for 72 hours
  • Test on day 3
Thank you for helping us have a successful summer!


Apple Hill Health & Safety Task Force:
Suzanne Coble, MD
Javier Caballero
Jesse MacDonald
Amelia Perron
Judy Waterston, RN (retired)
Updated April 12, 2024