Covid Protocols

Apple Hill Covid Protocols – Summer 2024

Apple Hill remains an intergenerational community with various levels of vulnerability to the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, we need your help taking the following precautions to prioritize everyone’s health and safety (policies are subject to change at any point):


  • All participants, faculty, and staff will take a rapid test on arrival, provided by Apple Hill. You do not need to take a Covid test before arriving, although it is encouraged. A negative test is required to participate in the session.
  • In case of positive Covid test result (in accordance with CDC guidelines):
    • You will need to isolate for days 1-5 (day zero is the first day of symptoms, or, in the absence of symptoms, a positive test) and cannot participate in your groups during that time. On day 6, you can resume rehearsal and will need to mask around others through day 10, or until you have had 2 negative tests, at least 48 hours apart.
    • Anyone feeling unwell or symptomatic should stay home or isolate. You must be symptom-free and have a negative Covid test result on the 3rd full day after onset of symptoms in order to resume participation in the session.
    • Isolating at home is preferred, but limited space will be made available on campus if that is not possible.
    • Anyone who has a close Covid exposure will need to mask around others for 10 days (per CDC guidelines).


Testing positive for Covid is not only a potential health risk for you and others in the Apple Hill community; it also means missing half (or more) of your Apple Hill session! Minimizing potential Covid exposures prior to your session will help reduce your risk of illness and ensure a successful summer at Apple Hill. We strongly urge you to take all possible precautions in the 10 days before arriving for your session, including:

  • Up-to-date vaccinations, including current boosters
  • Please mask indoors, on airplanes, and any public transit (this has the highest risk of exposure)
  • Avoid large gatherings and crowded indoor spaces
  • Avoid contact with anyone who is ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms
  • Take a rapid test in the days leading up to your arrival
  • Keep an eye on risk levels in your local community

Thank you for helping us have a successful summer!

Apple Hill Health & Safety Task Force:

Suzanne Coble, MD
Javier Caballero
Jesse MacDonald
Amelia Perron
Judy Waterston, RN (retired)

Updated October 22, 2023