Okay Apple Hill “From the Core” hivemind! Now is your chance, or one of many (take your pick), to ask me questions! Please ask me what you want, anything from my childhood, musical journey, the life of a 2nd violinist, the faltered life of a “one-and-done” 1st violinist, orchestra auditions, chamber music, Apple Hill, K-pop, today’s current events and how it pertains to music, baseball, hockey, it really can be anything within the boundaries of being organizationally professional to hysterically comical, like the Sunday funnies! This is something that I have truly been looking forward to, this is why I first approached Lenny and Amelia about this blog-to connect with Apple Hill fans, alumni, newbies, etc. You all are what makes the AH motor run! So, ask away! I will either be doing another blog that answers all your questions, or there might be a VIDEO blog that answers all your questions. (Insert echo-y voice) Mystery…mystery…mystery…

Happy Thinking! Looking forward to it!

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